5 Qualities That Companies Look for In an Accountant

Almost every company has the same type of expectations from an accountant. For a potential accountancy candidate to be different from the rest, he has to exceed the basics so that he can be recognised by the company. In order to be different from the remaining candidates, one need not be completely different, but just has to enhance some of the core aspects of his persona.

An accountant is responsible for the overall strength of the company with respect to finance. With so many responsibilities to handle, a company always looks for the best candidate who can do the bookkeeping for them honestly. Accountant job vacancies for commerce graduates are in huge demand these days.

As it is one of the toughest and highly responsible jobs, there are certain qualities that companies constantly look for in an accountant. Here is the list of those qualities.

Knowledge about the Latest Accounting Rules:

Being an important employee of the company, an accountant should be updated with the latest rules. It may be anything from changes in tax laws and GST to accounting principles and more. Attending regular seminars and conferences will help you to be up to date with the latest accountant trends.

Good Organisation Skills:

An accountant should have good organisational skills because he is the person responsible for managing the paperwork, monetary issues and many things related to companies in and out.


Since the company would be entrusting you with highly sensitive financial matters, trustworthiness is a very important quality to have. Irrespective of any circumstance, be honest on your part. Being an accountant, always show respect towards your work.


Trial and error method doesn’t work in this field. One has to be focused and committed in order to achieve success. Every company looks for committed accountants because they are the ones who deal with the balance sheet of the company.

Time Management Skills:

Apart from dealing with the financial section, accountants play a vital role in the strategic decision-making. So, they have to plan their work and complete their tasks at the right time. Without efficient time management skills, this is not possible. So, one should be equipped with time management skills to get into this field.

Needless to mention, this career is one of the best options, but it is a challenging job at the same time. Accountant job vacancies across India are increasing day by day, so do your best to grab your dream job.