So, you are a content writer who is attempting a fresh career in the field of freelance writing. But, not much work has been coming your way, has it? With minimal works with minimal pay, you have had a disappointing start your new venture. And, you might be having second thoughts about your new decision.

 Unless you have top contacts and a fixed client base to start with, it is really hard to kick start your freelancing career and get established in the field. This is exactly where I was left stranded years back when I started out with my freelancing career. I had quit my regular job at a content writing agency and had decided to offer my content writing services as a freelancer. Works were really hard to get in the beginning stage of my new career. But, once I did some good research and found some good online content writing sites, I have been landing on jobs and assignments regularly. Here is the list of the best online content writing sites where you could offer your content writing services.


Contentmart is a little haven for freelancers. It turns out to be a safe spot to pin your hopes and dreams on. Their client-base is huge and fresh work comes up every minute. There is a wide variety of works to choose from and you will always find works that suit your interest and experience. The website has a minimum per word rates and minimum piece pricing to ensure that you get a decent payment for the job you do. It has security features to protect your work and hard-earned money. The website maintains a profile for you with your portfolio, works completed, rating and reviews. This helps you to get more works and better payment once you become an experienced writer in the portal. With clients from all over the globe, you get to work with projects and assignments from different parts of the world.


It is a great place to be looking for freelance writing jobs. This website also offers a constant workflow. You will able to find work that suits your experience and expertise. The pay is decent and improves as you gain experience on the website.


HubPages is another website that gets a lot of traffic and visibility. Clients visit the site in search of technical writers, blog writers and Ebook copywriters. The website could offer you a decent pay for the content writing services you provide.


With the help of the above websites, I am getting some regular writing works from different parts of the globe. I come across a multitude of clients looking for SEO copywriters, technical writers, ghost writers and Ebook copywriters. It has given me the flexibility to quit my regular desk job at a content writing agency.