Guide to the awesome features of WordPress web hosting

Free web hosting is technically possible to get free and attached to some string. The server is really crappy and your site is likely to down within an hour for every day. Almost all free web hosting websites will encounter that offers no interface or poor interface with their extremely limited features. There is no support team so whatever you want and nothing was done when your site goes down. There is never a great chance to complain since the web hosting service is offering free. It is a good idea to Google for the organization name; visit for an Alexa rate and other similar metrics before you can decide to stick with the best free WordPress web hosting.


Next big thing is to get free website from the industry leader WordPress. The WordPress is totally so you can see advertisement served on your web page. There are some restrictions that are tagged with WordPress. For that instance, you do not write any sponsored content on your web page. With the free subdomain, you cannot be used as an own free domain (own domain is a cost of $15 as per year and its premium feature).  With all clauses, the best free WordPress web hosting is one of the leading platforms that give an awesome feature:

  • Price and service duration: First, all important is to check at the price of your plan in according to the duration period and service provider is offering. Remember that each web service provider offers many different plans with different services and prices so check the best suits for you.
  • Extra space and bandwidth: Ask the firm is regarding the price of extra space as well as bandwidth. Web space is one of the important aspects sometimes you need more than a package. Please, check this facility so you can avoid hassle at any time when you need much more space.
  • Management tools: The management tools are offered by the web service provider and check it according to the customer needs. It is a good idea to take a demo of a control panel and user interface before you can buy your plan.
  • Script support: A script support is to learn about the free scripts. At the same time, all web hosting providers are offered scripts such as WordPress for free. Check the script so you will want for your site and know about the cost before you can buy your specific package.
  • Support database: All websites are needed a database so you can learn first what type of database used in your website and then search the best deal from the web hosting service provider that supports to your database.
  • Domain and subdomain name: There are many web hosting service providers that give domain name and subdomain name for free when you will buy your plan from them. Ask web hosting service provider regarding domain and sub domain names. It is a wise to ask any additional cost of your domain and subdomain name you may need in your future.
  • Customer support: It is an essential for web hosting to be consulting any type of problem that is related to your website. Web space provider gives phone number with email id and online chatting system.