How to Prevent Your iPhone Charging Cable from Breaking

Apple’s iPad and iPhone adapters and chargers quite often stop working due to breakage in cables. From constant unplugging and plugging to travel damage, it’s not a new thing to find broken iPod, iPad and iPhone chargers. This guide will brief you several ways to keep your iPhone charging cables intact and prevent them from breaking.

Basically there are two parts of an iPod, iPad and iPhone charger. One is the lighting to USB cable and other one is Apple power adapter. For charging your iPad, iPod or iPhone, adapter has to be plugged into the wall and the lighting cable is to be plugged into the adapter at its end. If you have plugged in the adapter but still nothing is happening, you should try testing it.

First of all check the socket, whether it is faulty or not. Secondly, have a look at your device, if there’s anything faulty in your device, there are chances that it won’t get charged. Thirdly, check your cable. In that case cable is faulty, try using another cable. Following are few tips to fix your iPhone charging cable:

Ways To Fix iPhone Cable

  • Pen Spring Trick – Broken iPhone 4 charger cable can be fixed by using some old pens lying around you. All you need to do is to gut those pens and wrap their innards on your charging cable for protecting it.

Just remove the spring of your pen and put it around your charging cable at the bottom and top making sure that slightly thicker part gets covered below the connector. This way, your cable will get saved from bending much and the spring will help it to hold it altogether.

  • Paracord Trick – In this method, you need to have a paracord. Melt end of that paracord and try weaving it around your charging cable using a knot. This will help in preventing your iPhone charging cable from breaking and thereby providing longer life to it.
  • Electrical Tape Trick – Under this trick, you have to take an electrical tape and wrap it around ends of your charging cable. This trick is good for short term since in long term, the tape may get loose and may come out if the cable leaving a sticky residue.
  • Heat Shrink Trick – This is the best way of repairing your iPhone charging cable as the electrical heat shrink tubing used in it is quite cheap and is available in various colours. You can buy this shrink tubing in your nearby hardware store.

All you need to do here is to slide the tubing over your iPhone charging cable and heat it up using a hairdryer. Due to the heat, it will shrink and will fit perfectly to your cable providing a good reinforcement. It can be much better if you firstly wrap the cord in a spring and then shrink wrap the tubing over it.


Hope these simple and easy tips will help you to prevent your iPhone cable from breaking.