The importance of Android Apps – Useful Information:

The term app has become very fashionable in recent years, especially with the takeoff of the possibilities of mobile devices. This is, however, a rather misleading term and lends itself to many confusions because since the birth of computing there have been applications. The apps, however, refer to a particular field, one of applications for mobile and portable devices type tablet. Simply put, personal computer applications continue to be called by their long name, while we use apps in their short form to refer to the small applications that are used on small devices.

Previously if you needed to read the email, run a program, take a picture, call the phone … etc, etc … you needed a device for everything. At present, a small smartphone, or a tablet, can do at least all those things and much more. As always, to do each one of them, the device must have two things: the ability to do so (that is, the hardware that allows it), and a program capable of allowing the device to use this hardware or what is the same: software to use it. All devices come with pre-loaded software called operating system that serves as a link and translator between the user and the electronic part of the machine, allowing the machine to perform what the user wants. Apps are generally small programs that allow you to perform very specific functions. This is where its importance lies: such versatile devices can perform thousands of functions and will require thousands of apps to do them. As we see the importance of the apps has been linked to the importance of the mobile market and tablets. Although most business computing is still localized and ‘fixed’ on personal computers, it is expected that in a few years this trend will be reversed, and mobile devices will become the nerve centers of the companies and, of course, Users. 9app is very easy, fast, useful and popular app for the Android.

I fall short if I say that there are millions of apps on the internet, both for Apple, Android or Windows platforms. There are complex apps and others that are just small codes that make a very punctual function. There are business, games, magazines, photography, news, edition, economy, sports, and configurations. Everything you can imagine and that has a niche market can be found on the net.

Apps can come preinstalled on the device which is called integrated apps; however, it is more common to download them from the internet. There are large stores in the network (called ‘stores’) from which you can see a general listing or categories of existing apps and then download them, either paid or free, depending on the type of application. The biggest stores are Apple’s Android Market and App Store, each with applications for its platform

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