Top Essential SEO Tools for 2016

Though it is a thing to debate, but honestly SEO is still the numero uno technique in the internet marketing. The SEO managers and analysts at WebsitePromoter use certain tools while strategizing or performing the website optimization. Some of the most reviewed tools are discussed in the following that the most efficient SEO professionals are choosing in 2016—


Google has mentioned that “link building” is not the process that should be practiced but many SEO analyst still considers this process to be an effective tool to earn better rankings in the search engines. Previously link building was practiced as a manipulative method but the technique is maneuvered soon after the Google Algorithms. Google is strongly focusing on power content which is one of the best ways to get excellent organic traffic. But with effective and smart link building, the content can be read by more people and they will share more to make it viral.

Here are the top 3 Link Building Tools of 2016 reviewed—

  • Buzzstream

This paid tool is pretty effective and has earned many badges for its outreached management. It is efficient in finding hidden details such as the Contact details and so on. Your account will be well maintained with the tool.

  • Majestic Backlink Analyzer & MOZ SEO Toolbar

These two freemium tools are quintessential for the SEO professionals of this era. Excellent to check the site whether it is up to scratch or not, these tools are efficient in offering the instant SEO information about the website.

  • LinkMiner Plugin

 SEO analysts deeply trust in this tool for the Broken Link Building process. This is free, fast to understand and convenient to use.


Over the years, Google AdWords and Keyword Planner have contributed in the keyword analysis process. Here are some more tools that SEO professionals are relying on for analyzing keywords without making any errors-


  • Team Explorer

The freemium tool has earned popularity for claiming biggest set of data for any kind of keyword research tool. It can collate search volumes, enhance keyword list, and will recognize the competitiveness of the data.

  • Ubersuggest

By using different services, the free tool is excellent in creating a detailed list of keywords for the SEO masters.

  • SEMrush

This is another Freemium tool that is used to add more value to the keyword research procedure.

Effective Content Tools

Yoast WordPress Plugin

Yoast is now one of the most used freemium SEO tool for the WordPress CRM. This tool is used to make sure the content posted in the site is SEO friendly. During submission, they have to put the target keywords, essential key phrases, meta title, meta descriptions, summary etc to elevate the content to the rank of an SEO checked one.


It is another significant tool that is used to make sure whether the content is doing well or not.


Besides these tools, there are some ranking tools, technical SEO tools and Link removal tools that are highly reviewed and used by the SEO professionals.

Author’s Bio – Jason Raynolds is a reputed search engine optimizer owning a consultancy firm. While researching and studying on the latest updates, Jason find it a great way to share the new ideas an information with his readers through the articles and blogs.